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The Complete E-Learning Package

Question Degree is an all-in-one online software package for creating surveys, tests, tests and / or instructional skills. Our software is suitable for companies, organizations, temporary employment agencies and training agencies. From the portal you can get started with everything you would like to test and / or evaluate. You can easily view the reports (audit-proof) and manage everything independently.
Question Degree wants to offer everyone the opportunity to get started with blended learning in a simple and effective way. So that your organization can grow and the quality and knowledge can be increased, maintained and safeguarded..

Question Degree contains:

  • Create your own Survey, E-Learning, Instructions, Bulletins, Information
  • Easy distribution of Groups / Teams / Levels
  • Participants can also be imported via Bulk
  • Portal for Temporary Employment Agencies
  • NEW: Port instructions (tablet column)
  • Online (FLIP) PDF to support
  • Effective and professional guidance
  • Reports are Auditproof
  • Possible training support

The right investment for
Blended Learning

Flip PDF: Manual Video English Manual

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