Question Degree ondersteunt mobiele apparaten.


Question Degree ensures that you can learn without being dependent on your location, since you can also use our application on your mobile device. This means that you can learn whenever your mobile phone is connected to the internet. You can take a test or fill in a survey whenever it suits you, regardless of your location.

Kies welke gegevens u wilt bewaren


At Question Degree you can choose what data you want to keep. The data you want to keep will be saved for as long as you are a customer. When a test maker wants to see his past scores, then this can be done by the administrator.

Afbeeldingen en filmjes worden ondersteunt.


In your tests and surveys you can make use of videos and images. When you want to show a movie in your test or survey, you need to copy and paste the embedded link of the video into the text box. When you want to upload an image you can upload the file from your computer and put it in a text or media box.

U kunt alles terugvinden in uw online agenda.


All your tests and surveys can easily be found in your online agenda. You will see which test or survey belongs to which team by the different colours that are given to each team. Moreover, when you put a test or survey in your agenda you can set it up in such a way that everyone from the team to which this test or survey belongs to will get an e-mail with a link to the test at your chosen date.

Question Degrees bibliotheek


If you want to save a question and/or want to use it in another test or survey, you can store this question in the library. The library is an archive in which you can store all your questions and retrieve questions for other tests. You can save as much questions as you want. However, we do recommend you to set a limit so that the overview will stay clear.

Een mix van traditioneel en digitaal lesgeven


Blended learning means that online digital media methods, such as E-learning, are combined with classroom methods. Because of our partners we can create effective courses with a combination of both methods. When you choose blended learning you can give extra support to the learners and help them when they have questions. For example, a coach can give the learners a list of online resources they can use to broaden their understanding of the subject. Moreover, with blended learning you can also make sure that everyone is on the same page and find out who will benefit the most from a course.

Ongelooflijk eenvoudig, en toch uitgebreid.

Intuitive UI

At Question Degree everything is programmed in a way so that it is easy to work with for everyone, while it still has enough options to make the test or survey as you would like to. With this we mean that you can immediately see how to use the basic functions, such as adding a question. However, if you want to create a more comprehensive test or survey that will also be possible.

Het LMS (Learning Management System) platform.


The LMS (Learning Management System) program is a platform that offers support in selecting, following and providing trainings. A LMS can be used within a company to keep track of which employees have followed a training, are following one right now or will be following one in the future. At Question Degree you can check through tests what the skills are and what the knowledge is of your employees. You can also put a minimum standard to your tests which your employees have to achieve. After your employees have finished this test you will be able to see who made the minimum standard and which employees might need some extra training.

Alles in EEN pakket

All in one

Often when you want to create a survey, an instruction and an e-learning course you will have to go to two or three different companies and it will be very expensive. We believe that there should be an easier (and cheaper) way. Because of this we have created a complete package with the most important information of all three.

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